a caregiver

As a certified patient in the New York
Medical Marijuana Program, you may designate
up to two caregivers.

Your designated caregivers may assist you with the possession, acquisition, delivery, transfer, transportation, and administration of your medical cannabis products.

Your designated caregivers can:

Purchase medication at your Curaleaf dispensary for you
Accept medication deliveries at their home address for you
Order medication online for you

Who can be your designated caregivers?

  • A spouse
  • A neighbor
  • A nurse
  • A family member
  • A friend
  • Everyone you trust to purchase medication on your behalf

Your designated caregivers must register with the New York Department of Health to receive a registry identification card.

Steps to register your caregivers:

  1. Login to the account you used to register as a medical marijuana patient, click the Health Applications icon, then click the Medical Marijuana Data Management System link to access the account. Then go to Add Caregiver to register your caregiver’s information.
  2. Invite your caregivers to complete their own registrations by following the instructions at the New York Department of Health.

Need help? We are happy to guide you and your caregivers through the process at all Curaleaf dispensaries. Walk-ins welcome; appointments encouraged for your convenience. We’re here for you!